Speakers Bureau 


Need a speaker for your community group? Samaritan happily provides informative and dynamic speakers for your church, rotary, AARP, or senior group at no charge.

End-of-life and quality-of-life issues are so important, but these topics are are sometimes hard to discuss. Allow us to help faciliate this conversation through an an educational presentation about hospice, palliative care and other Samaritan services.

We’ll teach you the tools to help you, your family, your friends, and your neighbors make the best decision regarding comfort at the end of life.


Hospice 101

(30 minutes)

Our most popular program! This program explores the basic foundation of hospice care, the Medicare Hospice benefit, the specific services and supplies that are available, and how Samaritan can address specialized situations.

What is Palliative Care?

(30 minutes)

Palliative care provides comfort measures for patients coping with pain or symptoms from a serious illness Unlike hospice care, palliative consultations can occur when receiving curative treatments. Learn the differences between hospice and palliative care, how they can help you and your family, and when to call. 

Five Wishes

Five Wishes

(40 minutes)

This DVD-and-discussion program addresses your personal, emotional, spiritual and medical wishes so that family and friends won’t have to guess what you want and make hard choices without knowing your wishes. The Five Wishes living will is valid in most states, including New Jersey. Participants bring the easy-to-complete booklet home at the end of the presentation to complete at their leisure. 

Fill out Five Wishes online >>

The Medicare Hospice Benefit:
A Well-Kept Secret

(15 minutes)

Medicare-Part A recipients are 100 percent covered for hospice care, yet only 1 in 3 eligible people take advantage of the benefits they are entitled to. Of those that do, 1 out of 3 uses the benefit for less than 7 days when they are entitled to six month of services or more. This program explains programs and services that seniors may not realize exist under their Medicare benefits and how to access them in a timely fashion.

Timely Conversations

(45 minutes)

We talk about the weather, sports, and breaking news. But too many of us shy away from talking about what matters most. If a surgery, accident, or serious illness prevented you from speaking for yourself, what would your wishes be? How would you define quality of life? This engaging conversation gets you thinking about your wishes, guides you to find the right time to talk about your wishes with those who are important to you, and helps you act by writing it all down.

Social Media: A Caregiving ResourceSocial Media Logos

(45 minutes)

This program discusses social media basics including blogs, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter and how you can use them to learn more and connect with caregiving communities when you or someone you know is coping from a terminal illness.

Caring for Veterans at the End-of-Life

(30 minutes) 

This program explains how Samaritan provides care with dignity for those who served with honor. It details hospice and bereavement services that are covered by VA benefits, Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance, and how these services can benefit veterans and their families.

To Schedule a Presentation

Contact Christine Alston at 856-552-3258.

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