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courageous woman with cancer spends precious time with adult daughter

Hospice Testimonials

“You all knew what to say and how to say it. Your caring “spirit” went beyond just Dad; you did whatever you could to make both of us comfortable and at peace. You are all in the correct line of work. We are not sure how you do it, but are so very thankful for this wonderful place, Samaritan. 

In the past when we heard the word ‘hospice,’ it translated into negative thoughts for us. However, moving forward we will now have our experience at Samaritan that will help us with our fear of hospice.”  -Colleen P.

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“From beginning to the end, God blessed us with a dynamic, efficient and caring team. Their love, support, and diligence greatly assisted us in our journey. You will never be forgotten. Having a team that understood the superior level of care that I desired for my husband and the willingness to adhere to it was very important to me… An abundance of thanks for a team that demonstrated the highest of standards of your company.” BD

“As soon as your team came with equipment, guidance, and supplies, a huge weight was lifted off all of us. I have always been a big fan of hospice, and even more so now that I am experiencing it.” EM

“Your care of our mother was so compassionate and you were always so quick to respond when we called. Your care went above and beyond.” The M. Family

Nurse with Patient“Thank you so very much for your kindness and respect and dignity that you showed my dear father… your nurses were angels in attendance to my fathers death… They perfected his departure from his aches + pains + agony of this life. Again thank you for your kindness + mercy to him.” CK

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“You have made it easier for me to keep the vow I made 68 years ago to God and to Doris — ’till death do us part,’ and this is important to me. Doris is my charge and my love and I thank you for contributing to the love and care she deserves.” CL

“You’re part of the family.” SH


When we had entered the room Pop had “just” passed but to see him all cleaned up and in clean clothes and bedding was a true blessing for each of us, we could be at peace. Thank you for that gift to us and him. CK

“We would like to express our gratitude for your superior care and support during our journey at home with our mother. I cannot imagine that we would have been able to provide appropriate care for her needs without your professional, knowledgeable, and loving staff. From the moment we met Samaritan representatives to discuss the possibility of continuing home care with your guidance, we knew that this would be nothing but amazing.” BF

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“Whenever one of those “Angels of Mercy” came to care for {my wife}, they always arrived with professionalism, love, exuberance and respect far beyond our expectation.” HB

“I’m so impressed by the quality of care that my mom received through Samaritan. My mom was treated with so much dignity and respect. Millie, who was my mom’s home health aide was beyond wonderful. My family and I appreciated everything that Samaritan did for my mom.” PR

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“I will always remember Samaritan!” LB

Read hospice testimonials from patients' families

Each person that came into our home treated my mom with respect, care, compassion and treated her with respect. Each and every one of them will forever have a special place in our hearts.” SC

“Please accept our sincere and most grateful thanks for all the love, support, guidance and tender loving care provided to our dad and our mother in the days and weeks and hours to the moment of his passing.” CA

“My husband only spent one night with you in August, but we couldn’t have asked for a better evening for him or us. Without exception, everyone was so kind and caring. You truly were a blessing in all our lives. From the welcome, to the Veteran’s ceremony, to the support after he passed away, you created such special memories…” VC

I have been amazed at the consistent stream of such wonderful people. It certainly gives one a sense of how great humanity can be!” LS

“You people made everything so much easier for all our family.” AG

“Thank you for the physical care and the emotional support that you provided my father during the last few days of his life.” JS

“…I will be forever grateful that he was able to relax enough to open his eyes, see me, smile at me and squeeze my hand. I told him I loved him one last time. He was gone by morning. I believe this happened only because of the people and skills of your people.” LS