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Cardiac & Congestive Heart Failure Hospice Care

The Only Congestive Heart Failure Hospice Program of its Kind in New Jersey

Samaritan’s advanced cardiac care program, the only one in New Jersey and in collaboration with the National Partnership for Healthcare & Hospice Innovation, is an extra layer of support to help you and those who care about you live your best life during end-stage congestive heart failure (CHF).

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Our cardiac hospice specialists will work with your cardiologist and your other physicians to provide you the personalized attention you need when other treatments are not always working — or if your treatment decisions have become more complex — and extra support would be helpful to you and those who care about you.

Our mission is to ensure that you and your family are well supported and informed so symptoms of your end-stage CHF can be managed under our specialized South NJ hospice care while you stay safely at home.

Cardiac Hospice Benefits for Patients and Families

When you choose Samaritan’s advanced cardiac hospice care program for your end-stage CHF, you and your family will benefit. This program will:

  • Help you stay in the comfort of your home.
  • Provide regular monitoring via in-person visits and telehealth visits.
  • Provide expert, coordinated care management by clinicians who specialize in pain relief and symptom management.
  • Help you avoid unwanted ER visits and hospital stays.
  • Provide an expert care team, including a physician, nurse, social worker, certified home health aide, bereavement counselor, and spiritual support counselor, who will work with your cardiologist and other physicians.
  • Enable you to have control over your healthcare decisions.
  • Help you explore advanced care planning options and empower you to have a say in your care.
  • Give you access to relaxation resources to help keep your stress level as low as possible.

Complimentary Advanced Cardiac Care Program Patient and Caregiver Handbook

Created by the American Heart Association and the National Partnership for Healthcare and Hospice Innovation

Cuidador cardíaco de cortesía ahora disponible en español.  | Now available in Spanish.

  • Understand your heart and heart failure.
  • Explore symptom management and self-care tips.
  • Learn more about medications and diet.


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Cardiovascular complications contribute to roughly 40% of all COVID-19-related deaths. Do not postpone seeking care for your heart failure. Samaritan follows all protocols to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Hospice for Congestive Heart Failure Eligibility Requirements

If you are wondering if you, or someone you care about, is eligible for advanced cardiac hospice care, now is the time to call Samaritan. We encourage you to speak directly with our expert nurses about your eligibility and how hospice care can support you through your CHF journey. Call Samaritan 24/7 at (800) 229-8183 for more information. 

The hospice eligibility requirements for someone living with congestive heart failure include:

  • You are experiencing heart failure symptoms even though you are using medications to relieve fluid retention and improve circulation.
  • You have a medical history of cardiac arrest.
  • You experience sharp chest pain at rest despite medical efforts to relieve it.
  • You have an abnormally fast heart rhythm that does not respond to treatment.
  • You sometimes experience unexplained fainting.
  • If your illness gets worse, you wish to remain at home.
  • You have more than one serious medical condition.
  • You need more help with basic tasks of daily living.

Our South Jersey CHF Hospice Facilities

Samaritan offers two inpatient hospice facilities in South NJ for you or your loved one receiving hospice care and experiencing severe pain or symptoms from congestive heart failure.

Hospice care is provided mostly in your home, assisted living, or nursing home. However, sometimes needs change and your hospice nurse may recommend a transfer to The Samaritan Center at Voorhees or The Samaritan Center at Mount Holly.

Samaritan’s two inpatient hospice facilities provide short-term stays for hospice patients experiencing severe pain, shortness of breath, nausea, and agitation, among other symptoms. Your hospice nurse will work with you to decide if an inpatient hospice facility is the right choice.

Contact Us Now to Learn More About Our New Jersey Congestive Heart Failure Hospice Program

If you live in Southern New Jersey, let Samaritan’s expert nurses help you decide if hospice care is right for you or your loved one living with congestive heart failure. Call us 24/7 at (800) 229-8183 to learn more.

Also learn about Samaritan’s CHF Disease Management Program, designed to help patients manage heart failure in primary care, palliative care, and hospice care to address end-stage CHF.

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