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Hospice Resources for Caregivers

We are here for you as you care for your family, friends, or neighbors.

Being a caregiver is often a difficult and worrisome task that you do out of necessity and the kindness of your heart. To continue to be at your best for this full-time job, we’ve provided links to videos created by Samaritan staff to promote self-care and relaxation. We’ve also provided additional information with tips about hands-on care, specific diseases at the end of life, and much more.

Hospice Caregiver Resources List

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Caregiver Support

Relaxation and Meditation Resources
Relax and meditate to a variety of videos including Zen meditation, beach-themed and forest-themed guided meditation, self-massage tips, and readings from the Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo.

Top 10 Resources for Caregivershospice nurse at home
This overview provides valuable information for diseases such as dementia, heart failure, COPD, and more.

Hospice Caregiver Support Guide
Find tips on some of the essential duties of a hospice caregiver, such as changing bed lines, skin care, and mouth care.

What can a hospice patient eat and drink?
Illness can change your loved one’s appetite and ability to eat, but as a caregiver, you can help. Read more about end-of-life nutrition.

Caregiver’s Guide to Medications
The main goal of hospice care is to increase patients’ comfort and enhance their quality of life. Learn more about common hospice medications that might help achieve this.

About Hospice Medical Equipment
Read more about the medical equipment that is delivered to your home when your loved one receives hospice care. This equipment makes caring for your family member or friend easier.

Who Pays for Hospice Care?
Like many people, you likely have questions related to the cost of hospice care, and whether your private insurance or Medicare pays for this valuable end-of-life service. Get details here.

Disease-Specific Articles

End-Stage Dementia
Learn more about the signs of end-stage dementia and how hospice care can help.

End-Stage COPD
Learn more about COPD and how hospice can help keep you and those you love comfortable.

End-Stage Kidney Disease
Read about end-stage kidney disease signs and symptoms and how hospice helps you and those you love maintain their comfort.

End-Stage MS
Read about end-stage multiple sclerosis and how hospice helps you and those you love maintain their comfort and dignity.

Congestive Heart Failure and Hospice
Learn more about end-stage heart failure and how choosing hospice at the end of life can help keep you and those you love comfortable.

Hospice Care, Palliative Care, and More

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When is Hospice Appropriate?
It’s never too early to become your own healthcare advocate and learn about the types of care options available to you or those you care about who are living with serious illness. Learn more about when hospice care is appropriate.

Palliative Care vs. End-of-Life Care
Palliative care and end-of-life care have a lot in common. Read more about their differences and how both aim to improve quality of life.

Hospice & Palliative FAQs
Browse our most frequently asked questions about hospice and palliative care.

Medicare & Inpatient Hospice
Learn more about the inpatient level of hospice care and Medicare coverage.

Signs Someone is Actively Dying
Knowing what to expect when your loved one is actively dying, and what you can do, can make a difference in the care you provide and bring you peace of mind.

Hospice Education Materials
Learn more about the extensive array of hospice education resources for the community, healthcare professionals, funeral directors, financial planners, attorneys, and accountants. Being well-informed about serious illness and end-of-life topics will increase your ability to help patients, customers, and clients.


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Read these real stories, quotes, and reviews about how hospice and palliative care helped these patients and their families. Here are just a few found on Samaritan’s blog.