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Being Your Own Healthcare Advocate

Communication is crucial to good health care. You trust the healthcare professionals who have been at the helm of your care. But, are you getting the most out of your visits?

Are your visits aligned with your health care goals?

Are you getting to ask all your questions?

Do you remember the answers?

You play an important role in your healthcare. Gain a sense of control by being your own healthcare advocate. Advocating for yourself is key to maximizing physician or specialist visits and having a better overall healthcare experience.

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Advantages of Being Your Own Healthcare Advocate

Feeling empowered is one major advantage to becoming your own healthcare advocate. Plus:

  • You will always be prepared.
  • You will do research and have confidence in your decisions about providers and care.
  • You will understand how your insurance works and avoid costly, unexpected medical bills.
  • You won’t leave appointments trying to remember what your healthcare provider said.
  • You will ensure your healthcare goals are met and ultimately have a better overall experience.

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