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Commemorative Pavers

Samaritan now offers a unique way to place a lasting gift at The Samaritan Center at Voorhees. Commemorative pavers are a beautiful way to remember a loved one, or honor an individual or family. These lasting expressions of support will be installed as borders on the walking paths around the gardens at The Center. Download our brochure to learn more!


Samaritan’s commemorative pavers are available in three sizes. Their respective price – as well as total number of lines and characters (including spaces) are as follows:

• 6”x6” Paver with 4 lines, 10 characters each (including spaces) – $350
• 6”x12” Paver with 5 lines, 15 characters each (including spaces) – $700
• 12”x12” Paver with 6 lines, 15 characters each (including spaces) – $1,000

Please note that our manufacturer and installer requires a minimum number of pavers per order. Orders can be placed only as that minimum is achieved. Consequently – and depending upon when your paver is requested – installation may take as long as eight months or more. We sincerely appreciate your patience, and will notify you as soon as your paver is installed and available for viewing. Also, please be aware that this is an ongoing program, and your paver will be placed in the approximate order in which it is requested. Pavers will be installed in a chronological manner, and cannot be alphabetized.  If you have any questions about our Memorial Paver program, please contact Samaritan’s Development Office at (856) 552-3205 or [email protected].

Please scroll down to complete the online purchase form.

If you have any questions about our commemorative paver program, please contact Samaritan’s Development Office at (856) 552-3205 or Marcy Di Blasio.

Because of the care Angelina Alleva received at The Samaritan Center at Voorhees, her family dedicated a commemorative paver in her memory. (Left) David, Christina, Jennifer, Dave, and Natalie greatly appreciated the comfort, support, and dignity Samaritan’s experts provided Angelina. You can also support Samaritan’s mission of service by dedicating a paver at The Samaritan Center at Voorhees in memory or in honor of someone special in your life today.
Samaritan Hospice memorial pavers

When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure. – Unknown

Commemorative Paver Order Form

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