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Employees Pledging Support for 2024

Thank you!

Thank you for all that you do for patients and their families. Whether you are providing care on the front lines or supporting that care from afar, YOU Are an Essential Piece of Our Samaritan Difference. 
Not only do you carry out our mission of service with expertise, care, and compassion, but you also contribute to it – helping to bring our puzzle pieces all together.  Your support sends a clear message to the community that Samaritan is a local not-for-profit that they should support as well.
Thank you for helping us continue our investment in programs and services that enhance the lives of our patients and those who care about them.

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(REMEMBER – Even if you have an existing pledge for 2023, you MUST pledge again for 2024 in order to sustain your support.)


In keeping with our vision this year, there will be a Samaritan-themed puzzle in the kitchen at our Administrative Building.  Please stop by in your free time, or during lunch and add a few pieces toward the completion of the final product – just like we all add toward our final product of patient and family care and compassion.

Messages from Your Colleagues

“The old phrase ‘Every Little Bit Helps’ couldn’t be truer than when it comes to Employee Giving at Samaritan. It adds up throughout the year and multiplies when we all work together! Please join me in showing your devotion to Samaritan at whatever level works for you.”

-Arnetta Seright


As a Samaritan nurse, I have always been aware of the exceptional benefit of our not-for-profit status to our patients and their loved ones. Donations made by the community at-large and our staff help set us apart from other providers through the above-and-beyond services that support allows us to provide. Please join me with a payroll deduction or an outright gift toward 2024.

– Tracy Giunta, RN


“Why do I support Samaritan? Because I value what it does for our patients and caregivers on all levels: physical, mental/emotional, spiritual. I tell patients and their caregivers that I work with angels at Samaritan. And they agree! Samaritan uses our gifts to further this most valuable help. I am proud to be a member of this loving, caring organization. Please join me in supporting Samaritan.” 

– Rabbi Richard Simon


“As a Samaritan physician, I see daily what Samaritan is able to provide thanks to charitable support like that so generously contributed by my fellow employees. Many of these services – like massage therapy, music therapy, Veteran services, and Center for Grief Support – would not be possible without the donations of all of us, as well as the general public. Please consider joining me, and pledging through payroll deduction or even making an outright gift for 2024.” 

– Dr. Sara Pagliaro

“I’m fairly new to the Samaritan team, but I’ve always been taught that charity starts at home. I knew, when I came to Samaritan, that I wanted to contribute to our future, so I thought ‘What better way to help us succeed than to contribute myself.’ Please join me and sign up for payroll deduction at an amount that works best for you.” 

– Madison Savage 


“As a member of the Finance Department staff, I see the results of what good can be achieved through donations such as those raised through our employee giving campaign. I am proud to contribute to Samaritan’s success again for 2024.” 

– Vince Caruso 


“I have been a participant in Samaritan’s Employee Giving Program for over 10 years, and I served on the Capital Campaign Employee Giving Committee, in 2014, when we raised over $200,000 to help build The Samaritan Center at Voorhees! I feel privileged to work for Samaritan, and I demonstrate it through my own support.” 

– Theresa Miller 


All employee donors of $1 or more per pay period will receive a special “Samaritan Essential” pin.
Convenient payroll deduction will begin with your first pay period of 2024, and your total pledge will be divided by the number of pay periods remaining in 2024.  Full and part-time employees may participate in payroll deduction.  Per-diem staff should contact Marcy DiBlasio to make a one-time gift or set up quarterly reminders.
Samaritan Healthcare & Hospice, Inc. is a 501(c)(3), not-for-profit organization (EIN 22-2344036), making your contribution eligible for a charitable income-tax deduction, as allowed by law.

Online Pledge Form

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