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Blog: Stories and Insight

A Symbol of Love and Connection

Susan St Martin HandSusan St. Martin’s stay at The Samaritan Center at Voorhees wasn’t very long. But her family still had plenty of time to be deeply touched by the nurses, aides, and gentle hands-on care they received during the intimate 24-hour stay. The family was especially sentimental when they were given delicate, handmade clay hearts to place in their mom/grandma’s hand as she neared the end of life.

Daughter Michele Sanrocco says, “[Nurse] Meg gave us a jar of hearts that we could pick from to remember my mom. They are priceless and will serve as a never-ending reminder of the love Samaritan showed my Mom during her final hours.” The colorful hearts were placed gently in Susan’s hand to symbolize the eternal love and connection between her and her family and now reside in her children’s homes.

Susan, 90, passed away comfortably on July 9 after her children and grandchildren were able to visit with her.

Paying it Forward

Susan St Martin FamilyAs a way to give back to Samaritan for the wonderful care their matriarch received The Sanrocco Family gathered around their kitchen table on the eve of Susan’s funeral to make clay hearts for others. Michele adds: “Our family will be forever grateful knowing she was taken care of with such kindness and compassion.”

About the Clay Hearts

These special and unique gifts are made by volunteers and help to memorialize and honor a family’s loved one who just passed away on Samaritan’s services.

Hear more about the hearts in this tribute video: “We’re still here – the hospice grieving process” 

Would you like to make clay hearts? Contact Sharon Wenner at (856) 552-3238 for information and instructions.