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Benefits of Hospice Care At-Home in South New Jersey

When Nathan, 76, was in the hospital for the second time this year, he learned his liver was failing. It wasn’t producing enough bile or clearing his blood properly of toxins, so his physician recommended that he contact an organization for hospice care at home.

The main goal of at-home hospice care is comfort, support, and dignity for anyone with a diagnosis of six months or less to live. This special type of comfort care is to help you, and those who care about you, live more comfortably during the final stages of serious illness.

When you choose hospice care at home in South New Jersey, you receive care from an interdisciplinary team of compassionate professionals where you live – your life-long home, your child’s home, or in an assisted living or nursing home.

Studies show that 7 out of 10 people prefer to live out the end of their lives in their own home – an environment that is comfortable and familiar.

To learn more about receiving hospice care at-home in South Jersey, please call Samaritan at (800) 229-8183 to speak with an expert, available 24/7 to discuss your healthcare situation.

What is Hospice Care At-Home?

Hospice care at home is comfortable, compassionate care right where you and those who care about you live each day.

This service allows for you and your loved ones to focus on care, alleviating pain, being comfortable, and – most importantly — spending valuable, quality time together. Accessing hospice care at home, with months and weeks to live, instead of days, also helps families create lasting memories.

Benefits of Choosing Hospice Care at Home

 There are many benefits to choosing hospice care at home in South Jersey including support, guidance, and companionship.

Hospice At -Home Support and Guidance

Medical support. The hospice nurse provides all assessments and medical care right in your home. This eliminates the need for office visits, emergency trips to the hospital, or navigating traffic, parking lots, elevators, and hallways unnecessarily.

24/7 access to experts. Families can get help with general questions or during crisis 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling an 800 number. Many family members remark that it gives them peace of mind to have an expert they can call with questions at all hours of the day and night including 2:00 in the morning.

Equipment and supplies delivered to your home. Whether it is a hospital bed, oxygen, medical supplies, or illness-related medications, there is no need to run additional errands for these important items.

Assistance with bathing and personal hygiene. A certified home health aide is a key member of the at-home hospice care team. They provide intimate and sensitive grooming with dignity. A bed bath can be performed in the privacy of your bedroom or in a hospital bed set up in your secluded living room.

Addressing psychosocial needs. Another member of the hospice at-home team is a social worker. A social worker answers questions about the end-of-life process, helps with complex family relationships, explores non-medical ways of alleviating pain, assists with funeral planning, offers grief support, and connects you with valuable community resources.

Getting spiritual support. A spiritual support counselor encourages meaningful life review, explores spiritual concerns, provides a safe space for doubt, makes sense out of life’s changes, and much more.

Accessing grief support. Grief is a natural, healthy, and universal emotion that helps us accept loss and begin to heal. A bereavement counselor is available to help you before and after the loss of your loved one.

Clive describes the hospice care at home his wife received: “You have made it easier for me to keep the vow I made 68 years ago to God and to Doris — ’till death do us part,’ and this is important to me. Doris is my charge and my love and I thank you for contributing to the love and care she deserves.”

*Please note: in-person visits of some of the hospice team may be suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are in South Jersey, call (800) 229-8183 to learn more.

To learn more about receiving hospice care at-home in South Jersey, please call Samaritan at (800) 229-8183 to speak with an expert, available 24/7 to discuss your healthcare situation.

Hospice At-Home Companionship

 Visits from volunteer companions. * A trained volunteer is available for friendly conversations, reading, watching TV, and companionship. *In-person volunteer visits may be postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

 Personal Benefits of Hospice Care at Home

Schedules and care plans that works best for YOU. Without having to factor in the back-and-forth travel to a doctor’s office or hospital, you can create a schedule and a care plan that is easier to stick to.

Live in familiar surroundings. Sit on your own couch, use your own bathroom and be in your own safe space – the comforts of home are even more priceless when you are experiencing hospice care at home.

 Quality time together. In your own home and with less interruptions, there are more opportunities for conversation, memory-making projects, and other bonding activities – all things that create lasting memories, which is vitally important and cherished during this time.

Lasting Impact of Hospice Care At-Home 

 Making the choice to receive hospice care at home for you or a loved one will have lasting physical, emotional, and spiritual impact on your family’s end-of-life experience.

As Emily noted, “As soon as your team came with equipment, guidance, and supplies, a huge weight was lifted off all of us. I have always been a big fan of hospice, and even more so now that I am experiencing it.”

To learn more about receiving hospice care at-home in South Jersey, please call Samaritan at (800) 229-8183 to speak with an expert, available 24/7 to discuss your healthcare situation.