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Bringing Comfort through the Giving Dolls

Pat Uibel with the Giving Dolls

Samaritan was grateful to receive 12 Giving Dolls for the Samaritan Center at Voorhees patients. Marian Mitchell, Samaritan Spiritual Support Counselor, met with Pat Uibel of The Giving Dolls volunteer group to pick up these generous donations. Pat is one of six dedicated and gifted volunteers who hand make each Giving Doll. Pat shared, that “it takes 25 hours to make each doll.” The group dedicated 300 hours to make the 12 Giving Dolls that were donated to Samaritan’s patients.  We are tremendously grateful for their time and effort.  

The dolls come together through team effort. Pat explained, “I cut out the dolls material, another volunteer sews the dolls and adds the stuffing in the dolls, and so on.” Each person adds on another piece of the puzzle until another piece until they have a completed doll. In addition, there is a crocheted blanket included with each Giving Doll. The Giving Project initiated in Ohio and is nationwide.  The Friends of St. Stephens in Beverly is the only Giving Dolls Volunteer Group in New Jersey. 

The completed giving dolls

Samaritan’s Spiritual Support Counselors and Social Workers provide these Giving Dolls to our anxious and agitated patients at the Samaritan Centers in Mt. Holly and Voorhees “It is amazing,” says Marian, “to see the Giving Dolls were comforting for the patients and helped the parents to calm and self sooth.”  Samaritan is grateful to the Friends of St Stephen

 Volunteers and the Giving Dolls group for taking the time to share their talents with our Samaritan patients.  


If you are interested in volunteering with us, please contact our volunteer department Sharon Wenner [email protected] or 856-552-3238