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Daughter And Artist Brings Art of Healing to Hospice Care

Alden Amig

The mischievous twinkle in Alden Amig’s eye was his calling card. This along with his playful attitude and kind heart made him a great volunteer to sit with hospice patients. Over 17 years, his laughter and warmth brough ease and comfort to countless patients.

Later in his life, Alden was diagnosed with Leukemia, and he then chose hospice knowing the support it would provide for him and his family. His daughter Terri Amig shares, “[Its] Hospice is an invaluable, wonderful service for everyone that takes the fear away.” She continues, “It allows family members to actually spend time with their loved ones and not worry about providing care .”

During his time volunteering, Alden and members of the hospice team noticed a pattern of patients seeing deer before they transitioned. When her father passed, Terri saw a deer looking back, staring at her, reminding her of the times her dad’s patients had seen them. It brought to her mind that her father was at peace in his passing. This encounter would later be incorporated into her art.

A portion of all proceeds — 20% — from the Art of Healing Exhibit at the Samaritan Center benefit Samaritan patients and their families.

The Art of Healing

Dedication to My Dad – Terri Amig

In the present day, Terri Amig, an artist with a focus on nature, had her art chosen for the Samaritan Art of Healing Exhibit – In Partnership with the Perkins Center for the Arts  at the Samaritan Center Voorhees Inpatient Center.

Her painting Dedication to my Dad was one of the pieces she shared to be displayed honoring her father and his time in hospice. She shared that the painting was subconsciously inspired by the passing of her father.

Seeing the deer and a solar halo occurrence, she naturally brought them together. After the painting had come to life, she recognized the inspiration and connection to her father.  For Terri, the “universal appeal” and the ability of art to “take you elsewhere” are just a few of the healing benefits of art.