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Hospice Nurse Honors Nurse-Hospice Patient with Special Tribute

Samaritan honors nurse-hospice patients.

Nurses have dedicated their lives to caring for others. At the end of life, it’s essential to return that care and thank them for their unwavering commitment to the community.

The Nightingale Tribute was designed to honor deceased nurses. The honor is presented during the nurse’s funeral by a nurse colleague or friend.

However, Samaritan presents an updated version of this moving tribute to our living hospice patients. The honor includes a reading, lighting a candle, and the gift of a white rose. The white rose symbolizes honor and appreciation.

This fall, 79-year-old Alicia Jonasz, surrounded by her Samaritan hospice team, was recognized for three decades of nursing. Alicia graduated from Thomas Jefferson University as a licensed practical nurse. The following week she went to work for Dr. Rothman (now The Rothman Institute) for sixteen years, she then joined the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, followed by a few years at Bayada and the Stratford Nursing Home. Alicia retired at age 61. Thank you for your many years as a nurse, Alicia!

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Pictured above: Nurse Suzanne Waltimeyer with Alicia Pictured below: Alicia at college graduation; Alicia with hospice team members (back left) Marie Mitaratondo, spiritual support counselor, Ovella O’Neill, certified home health aide (front left) Sherri Brake, social worker, Suzanne Waltimeyer, nurse.



When a calming, quiet presence was all that was needed,
He/She was there.

In the excitement and miracle of birth or in the mysteryand loss of life,
He/She was there.

When a silent glance could uplift a patient, family member or friend,
He/She was there.

At those times when the unexplainable needed to be explained,
He/She was there.

When the situation demanded a swift foot and sharp mind,
He/She was there.

When a gentle touch, arm push, or an encouraging word was needed,
He/She was there.

In choosing the best one from a family’s Thank-You box of chocolates,
He/She was there.

To witness humanity’s beauty, in good times and bad,without judgment,
He/She was there.

To embrace the woes of the world, willingly, and offer hope,
He/She was there.

And now, that it is time to be at the Greater One’s side,
He/She is there.

© 2004 by Duane Jaeger, RN, MSN