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grandmother in hospice and granddaughter embracing one another

Blog: Stories and Insights

Barbara Glass and Linda Brennan

Being Present for Hospice Patients in their Final Moments

Read about Vigil Volunteer Barbara Glass and how moving it is to sit with patients and provide a comforting presence during their final hours.

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Two daughers embracing mom on couch

Is your parent in hospice care? Or are you considering hospice care for Mom or Dad?

What are the benefits of having a parent in hospice care? Understandably, this is a very emotional time for you, that’s why you should consider hospice.

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Hospice Patient Ester Bilsky with Aide

Connecting Through Poetry

Read about Esther Bilsky, a hospice patient who has been writing poetry for more than eighty years. Memorizing her poems before she went blind, she now connects with her hospice team by reciting her poetry during their visit.

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Hospice patient Joe Manghan Surrounded by Family

The Reunion of a Lifetime

Read about Joe Manghan, a patient who received care at The Samaritan Center at Voorhees, and how his online video game friends traveled from all over the country to visit him.

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adult daughter embracing mom in hospital gown

How to Find Hospice Care in South NJ

Read our tips and advice on how to find hospice care in south New Jersey now. Find out about the best ways to find hospice care in your area now.

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Hospice Patient Steven Edwards with Social Worker

Hospice Helps Patient with Rare Disease Find Quality of Life

Read about Steven Edwards, a hospice patient living with a very rare disease, and how he finds comfort in his hospice team and gardening.

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Hospice patient Thomas Zippilli Veterans Ceremony

Important to Honor Our Vets Every Day, Not Just a Holiday

Written from a caregiver’s perspective, this article discusses the importance of honoring and caring for Veterans all year round and not just on holidays.

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Home Health Worker with Senior Woman

Saying Goodbye to Someone Who Died or is Dying

How do you say goodbye to someone who died or is dying? Sometimes it’s difficult to know what to say. Read more to see our advice and tips on saying goodbye.

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Grandmother reading to young granddaughter

When to Start Palliative Care

Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with a serious illness? If so, palliative care can help now or at any stage of your illness. Palliative care can be given alongside curative treatments, and with any prognosis or life … Continued

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Inpatient Hospice Patient

Hospice At-Home vs. South NJ Hospice Facility?

What is better for your loved one – receiving hospice care at a facility or in their own south NJ home? The answer ultimately depends on their unique situation.

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