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Quick Errand Becomes Poignant Encounter

James Ramsay, The Samaritan Center at Voorhees facilities manager, finished work for the day and decided to run a quick errand to Lowe’s before heading home. To his surprise, this simple task turned into a poignant encounter.

“Do you work at Samaritan?” asked Robert*, the Lowe’s employee working the aisle James was browsing.  In a reversal of roles at the home-improvement store, he quickly responded, “yes, can I help you?”

Robert’s eyes filled with tears as he relayed to James how great the Samaritan medical team was that cared for his loved one. Robert insisted that James, upon returning to work for his next shift, commend each and every one of Samaritan’s care teams for their exceptional care and compassion. Robert added, “I was undergoing a horrible experience. Samaritan helped smooth the transition to a comprehensible result.”

And so James, whose employment at Samaritan began one month ago, fulfilled Robert’s wishes.  He expressed his experience to Samaritan’s staff via email: “It was you, each of you, that had such lasting impact on this man and his family. This is truly a testimony of who we are! It is not all that often that you work at an organization that has such a profound impact on its clientele.”

*Name changes to preserve anonymity.

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