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Recognizing 30 Year & 20 Year Service Milestones

2022 Annual Winterfest Celebration
Recognizing Beth Hoffman, Susan Cedrone, & Meena Edwards

Beth Hoffman

Beth Hoffman, Accounts Receivable Coordinator | 30 Years of Service

A 30-year, dedicated employee is a rare find in today’s world, but we’re lucky to have one here at Samaritan.

Beth Hoffman, accounts receivable coordinator, started at Samaritan in 1991 when it was still located in Moorestown, 11 years after the not-for profit was founded, at a time when hospice care was the only service being offered, and  an average of 100 patients a day were cared for.

Over three decades, Beth has seen and experienced tremendous organizational transformation and growth. While change can be difficult, Beth has remained dedicated to Samaritan’s mission of service. With so much industry knowledge, Beth is the go-to person for everything and anything Samaritan related.

In her role as the liaison between Samaritan and Medicare – one of our main reimbursement sources – Beth helps us comply with the complex and ever-changing regulations. She approaches her role with expertise and care – the same way that a member of the clinical team approaches patient care. Her “get it right” approach ensures that we get every claim billed out and paid. Because of her, we are able to maintain our funds and make our mission possible.

I started at Samaritan 30 years ago. While we’ve grown, we still provide the same quality, compassionate care. My sons began volunteering with SamariTeens when they were little. As a family, we delivered Thanksgiving baskets. Now, my son Kyle is a patient volunteer, hoping to work with Veterans. Samaritan is part of me and part of my family.

Colleagues describe her as loyal, smart, and a team player. She has mentored dozens of colleagues thought out the years, helping them advance their careers based on the knowledge that she imparted on them. She is not afraid to lend a hand and has taught her twin sons the same. She recruited them into SamariTeens at an early age where they learned the importance of volunteer service.

Beth is a key member of the Samaritan family with a legacy to be proud of. She’s has helped us grow the deep, caring roots that make Samaritan the largest hospice provider in our area.

“Beth should be so proud of what she’s accomplished, both personally and professionally. You’ve helped Samaritan become what it is today! Thank you!” said Mary Ann Boccolini, president and chief executive officer.

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Susan Cedrone, Social Worker | 20 Years of Service

Susan Cedrone

Susan is a dedicated, giving, and passionate social worker. She has been providing our patients and their families with authentic, quality, and expert care for two decades.

She has worked hard to further Samaritan’s mission of service, significantly impacting our community and our world.

She not only advocates for her patients, but she also advocates for the underserved population in Camden City. She has also served on Samaritan’s Via Lucis Committee, our ministry for Catholic patients and their families, for more than a decade. As part of the committee, she connected Samaritan with Catholic-based organizations to provide education, increase access, and enhance care for the Catholic community.

For me, hospice social work isn’t a job, it’s a career. In line with the Samaritan culture, I put those I serve first.  I will always be grateful to Samaritan for all the wonderful experiences I have had and the great support I have received from all of my colleagues. I couldn’t be more proud to work at Samaritan.

She has impacted the world through her role in Samaritan’s Global Partnership. She visited Kawempe Home Care in Uganda in 2013. During this moving visit, she educated the staff on the importance of caring for the caregiver. In the following years, she continued to build relationships with our Kawempe friends, raised funds for their mission, and spread awareness about their needs.

Susan retires in February and leaves behind an incredible legacy. We will never forget her wisdom, dedication, and all the compassion she has bestowed on us, and her patients and their families.

Thank you, Susan, for 20 years of service to Samaritan!

Meena Edwards, Nurse | 20 Years of Service

Meena Edwards

Meena is a 20-year Samaritan nursing veteran with an impressive history of providing the caring, compassionate nursing care that Samaritan is known for.

Meena serves as a trusting, knowledgeable, and passionate member of the hospice team and – we’re proud to say – has delivered top-notch care to hundreds of patients and their families over the years. Wow! What an impact!

She’s also forged important relationships with healthcare providers at area nursing and assisted living communities. These relationships are essential to furthering Samaritan’s mission of service.

I love what I do. I am honored to be able to make a difference in other’s lives; especially during difficult times. My work as a hospice nurse has been more rewarding and means so much more than any other job I’ve ever had. It brings me so much meaning and joy. I am blessed.

Meena – a true leader – also trains incoming nurses, serves as a Cardiac Champion, and is considered an electronic medical record super-user.  She has made it her personal mission to care for the community. However, she has also connected with our world as part of Samaritan’s Global Partnership. In 2017, she – and her son – went to Uganda with our travel team to visit our sister hospice, Kawempe Home Care. During this international mission, she educated Kawempe’s staff about providing wound care for children living with TB, HIV/AIDs, and cancer.

“Her dedication to Samaritan, bettering our world, and ensuring patients access our compassionate comfort care when they need it most is inspiring! Meena, thank you for being an integral part of the Samaritan team! We salute you for your 20 years of service!” said Mary Ann Boccolini.