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Blog: Stories and Insight

Samaritan Team Creates Christmas Memories in July

Showing up for patients is woven into the fabric of care at Samaritan. Team members jump at the opportunity to make patients feel special. Making Christmas in July happen for Samaritan patients residing at Berlin Rehab was a pleasure. It all began when Christine Minerva, Samaritan social worker, uncovered her patient’s favorite holiday memories during a regular meeting.

Hearing that the patient loved Christmas, Christine decided to help her make a new memory. The plan then grew to become turning the monthly music therapy group into a merry Christmas wonderland.

The team loved this plan and immediately flew into action to bring holiday cheer to the patients. On the day, as the preparations began, Certified Home Health Aides Renee and Kiana worked hard to get everyone ready for the celebration. The patients came into an activity room transformed by beautiful Christmas lights and decorations.

Julia, Samaritan Music Therapist, playing guitar during Christmas in July


The summer heat faded away as the sounds of Christmas filled the air.  Julia, Samaritan Music Therapist, led the group in a sing-along of Christmas carols as she played guitar. As the patients enjoyed music, Sue, Samaritan nurse assisted them with delicious cake and presents. The joy radiated in the room and their smiles filled the team with joy. It was a beautiful day and a wonderful Christmas in July.