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Blog: Stories and Insight

Samaritan Social Worker Leaves A Fingerprint

Almost Twenty years in, Sara Miller continues to care deeply about the hearts that are placed in her care. As a Samaritan hospice social worker, she is endlessly caring. As a coworker, she is respected and trusted. Those who have had the pleasure of working with her know that her heart is large, and she wears it on her sleeve. 

Sara’s ever-present desire to do more for her patients inspired her to create Fingerprints on the Heart. A simple act that has enormous impact. The heartwarming keepsake is another way for families to memorialize their loved ones. To create a thumbprint, patients, family, and social workers work together to capture a fingerprint on a small card, called a heart card. This keepsake can be shared with loved ones near and far.  

“Grateful,” has been the key response from patient families for this opportunity. The opportunity to have a meaningful token to remember their loved ones by is immeasurable.  

Working as a social worker is a calling for Sara. “We nurture patients and families,” and she adds, “being able to help navigate communications is a gift.” Social workers can facilitate communications, provide resources, and see the full picture of patient and family needs.  

Although Sara is far from done being of service; her kindness, innovation, and care is a legacy that will be remembered by all.