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Considerate Hospice Care in Moorestown, NJ

Samaritan was founded as a grassroots organization in a house on East 2nd Street in Moorestown in 1980 and continues to provide in-home hospice care, palliative care, and primary care to residents in Burlington County and the surrounding areas. For decades, Moorestown residents have relied on us to provide the highest quality care services to them and their loved ones.

How Does In Home Hospice Care in Moorestown, NJ Work?

Samaritan hospice in Moorestown, NJ offers in-home hospice wherever a patient may live, along with inpatient hospice care at two conveniently located centers in Mount Holly and Voorhees. At-home hospice allows you or your loved one to experience the care Samaritan is known for locally in the comfort of your own surrounds.

When you reach out to us, we will promptly arrange for a compassionate hospice nurse to visit your home. During this visit, our nurse will gather essential information about the patient’s situation. Once we complete the necessary hospice election forms, the patient will receive the gentle care and support they deserve. Our experienced at-home hospice team in Moorestown, NJ consists of:

  • Physician
  • Nurse
  • Social Worker/Bereavement Counselor
  • Certified Home Health Aide
  • Spiritual Support Counselor
  • Volunteer

We recognize the significance of providing attentive support. Our in-home hospice care program in Moorestown, NJ includes a range of services, ensuring that patients and families have peace of mind knowing we provide comprehensive care. Our at home services include:

  • Care coordinated with your physician or specialist.
  • Medications and equipment delivered right to your home.
  • Expert wound care.
  • Help with bathing, bed linens, laundry, light meals, bed repositioning, and more.
  • Assistance with an advance directive.
  • Connections to additional community resources.
  • Spiritual guidance, if desired.

Should you need more advanced care, our inpatient hospice program is available when severe pain or other symptoms necessitate a short stay in a dedicated hospice facility.


After speaking with one of our nurses, Samaritan will schedule the first home visit by an admission nurse to go over the basics of hospice care, review informative paperwork, and sign consent forms. After this, the nurse will schedule the delivery of necessary equipment to your home and begin comfort care services. We are here for you and your family 24/7.

Palliative Care in Moorestown, NJ

Samaritan also offers a palliative care program aimed at enhancing the lives of patients receiving treatment for chronic illnesses, right in the comfort of their Moorestown residence. Our compassionate team works closely with patients, families, and medical professionals to craft healthcare plans tailored to each patient. From effective pain management to symptom control, we offer a wide range of services to ensure total support for both patients and their families, to make their lives and treatment more manageable.

At-Home Primary Care in Moorestown, NJ

In the interest of keeping our Moorestown community healthy and establishing long-term relationships between patients and healthcare providers, Samaritan’s at-home primary care program brings skilled physicians directly to patients’ homes. Our primary care program is most commonly utilized by seniors who may face difficulties traveling to medical offices, and prefer to take advantage of our range of healthcare services right at their doorstep. But for whatever you’re reason for not wanting to visit the doctor, we will come directly to you.

Why Choose Samaritan for In-Home Hospice Care in Moorestown, NJ

Samaritan is widely recognized and highly regarded for our steadfast commitment to delivering compassionate and personalized care. In addition to being one of the nation’s first hospices and the largest provider in South New Jersey, Samaritan is proud to be part of Moorestown’s tight-knit community.

We are members of the Rotary Club of Moorestown and the Burlington County Regional Chamber of Commerce. In addition, we have held our annual Tree of Life Remembrance Ceremony at Moorestown Friends School on Main Street for more than twenty-five years. Samaritan proudly supports local schools, businesses, and community organizations.

Patient Testimonials

The heartfelt accounts shared by families who have received Samaritan’s hospice care in Moorestown, NJ vividly illustrate the profound and transformative influence we have on the lives of our patients.

“As soon as your team came with equipment, guidance, and supplies, a huge weight was lifted off all of us. I have always been a big fan of hospice, and even more so now that I am experiencing it.” EM

“As soon as your team came with equipment, guidance, and supplies, a huge weight was lifted off all of us. I have always been a big fan of hospice, and even more so now that I am experiencing it.” EM

“Thank you so very much for your kindness and respect and dignity that you showed my dear father… your nurses were angels in attendance to my fathers death… They perfected his departure from his aches + pains + agony of this life. Again thank you for your kindness + mercy to him.” CK

Areas Served

Even if you are not located in Moorestown, NJ, Samaritan services a 2,200 square mile area that includes:

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Interested in learning more about primary care, palliative care, or hospice care in Moorestown, NJ? You can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (855) 337-2808. Or you can contact us by submitting this online form.

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