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Compassionate Hospice Care Here for You in Cherry Hill, NJ

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Established in 1980 by committed volunteers, Samaritan emerged as the pioneering hospice organization in South Jersey. Over the course of more than 40 years, Samaritan has grown to become the largest provider of hospice services in Cherry Hill and the wider Camden County region.

Our offerings have expanded significantly, encompassing a comprehensive array of services such as at-home and inpatient hospice care, palliative care, and primary care. These diverse services are tailored to meet the healthcare needs of our community. We are ready to take considerate care of your loved one.

How Does In Home Hospice Care in Cherry Hill, NJ Work?

When you inquire about our Cherry Hill, New Jersey hospice at-home services, a nurse will ask for the patient’s contact information, diagnosis, and current healthcare providers. After gathering these personal details, an appointment will be scheduled for a hospice admissions nurse to visit the patient’s home, assisted living facility, nursing home, or hospital — wherever they are currently located. A hospice care coordinator will also reach out to your loved one’s physician for the hospice referral.

During the home visit, the nurse will ask for more details about symptoms, discomfort, medications, and more. You will receive a clear explanation of hospice services and can ask any questions. If you choose to sign up with hospice, you will then sign hospice election forms.

Once signed up, patients experience comprehensive care from our expert at-home hospice team, including a:

  • Physician
  • Nurse
  • Social Worker/Bereavement Counselor
  • Certified Home Health Aide
  • Spiritual Support Counselor
  • Volunteer

In addition to our experienced team, our hospice program in Cherry Hill, NJ, encompasses a variety of services to meet all the needs of our patients, including:

  • Care coordinated with your physician or specialist
  • Medications and equipment delivered right to your home
  • Expert wound care whenever necessary
  • Help with bathing, bed linens, laundry, light meals, bed repositioning, and more
  • Assistance with an advance directive
  • Connections to additional community resources
  • Spiritual guidance, if desired

If your loved one encounters severe pain or other intense symptoms that necessitate ongoing clinical oversight, you can opt for Samaritan’s inpatient hospice level as recommended by your hospice nurse. Located in Voorhees and Mount Holly, these inpatient facilities provide an ideal environment for hospice patients requiring enhanced support and specialized care.

Palliative Care in Cherry Hill, NJ

In addition to our revered hospice program, our palliative care program is crafted to improve the overall well-being of individuals receiving treatment for serious illnesses. By addressing their needs within the familiar setting of their homes, our palliative care program aims to enhance their quality of life. Working collaboratively with patients, their families, and healthcare providers, our dedicated palliative care team develops personalized care plans that focus on relieving pain, minimizing stress and anxiety, and providing guidance during complex medical decisions.

At-Home Primary Care in Cherry Hill, NJ

Samaritan’s at-home primary care program offers a convenient solution for seniors or others who encounter difficulties accessing a doctor’s office. Our team of primary care physicians conduct in-home visits throughout Cherry Hill, ensuring that patients maintain optimal health. We place great importance on fostering long-term relationships between patients and healthcare providers, promoting consistent and personalized care. If you or a loved one can’t comfortably travel to a doctor’s office, our doctors will come to you.

Why Choose Samaritan for In-Home Hospice Care in Cherry Hill, NJ?

Samaritan is a highly regarded and esteemed organization, recognized and trusted for our steadfast commitment to delivering compassionate and personalized care. With a wealth of experience, our pursuit of excellence has earned  us the title of Superior Performer, acknowledged by the respected Strategic Healthcare Programs.

Our active involvement in the community reinforces our dedication to enhancing the lives of those under our care. We take pride in our affiliations with local organizations, and are preferred partners of Virtua Health and Jefferson Health in New Jersey.

Patient Testimonials

The commitment we have towards providing outstanding services shines through the firsthand testimonials shared by families who have personally experienced our Cherry Hill, New Jersey hospice at-home services.

“…I will be forever grateful that he was able to relax enough to open his eyes, see me, smile at me and squeeze my hand. I told him I loved him one last time. He was gone by morning. I believe this happened only because of the people and skills of your people.” LS

“My husband only spent one night with you in August, but we couldn’t have asked for a better evening for him or us. Without exception, everyone was so kind and caring. You truly were a blessing in all our lives. From the welcome, to the Veteran’s ceremony, to the support after he passed away, you created such special memories…” VC

“I’m so impressed by the quality of care that my mom received through Samaritan. My mom was treated with so much dignity and respect. Millie, who was my mom’s home health aide was beyond wonderful. My family and I appreciated everything that Samaritan did for my mom.” PR

Areas Served

Samaritan services a wide area of South Jersey because families deserve quality hospice, palliative, and primary care wherever they live. Throughout the last 40 years, Samaritan has cared for your neighbors in Cherry Hill Estates, Barclay, Wexford East, Springdale, and Woodcrest, among others. If you live outside of Cherry Hill, take advantage of our services in the following areas:

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