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What is SamariTeens? 

SamariTeens is a group of 14–17-year-olds, from 8th graders to high school seniors, who want to provide ongoing support to Samaritan’s patients and families through a variety of activities like craft nights, game socials at long term care communities, annual and special event support, and more!

We also offer Independent Projects if you would rather not join a group. Service Hours provided. No mandatory requirements.

Get Started: Become A SamariTeen

Independent projects

We welcome you, your friends, groups, and clubs to do independent projects like crafts, fundraisers, and collection drives for Samaritan. Each of these projects directly support our patients and their families. See some popular ideas here: Ideas for Independent Projects.

Need To Know:

  • Open To: All ages
  • Work at your own pace! Application is only needed if you would like us to track service hours.

Invite us to your club meetings:

  • We will talk briefly about Samaritan and why the projects are so meaningful and participate in projects selected by the students.


Clay Hearts

This special and unique gift helps to memorialize and honor a family’s loved one who just passed away on Samaritan’s services. Staff presents the clay hearts as part of a ritual by placing the heart in the caregiver’s hand and reciting the beautiful verse that comes with each heart.


See Instructions Here: Volunteer Clay Hearts


Opportunities for 17+ years old

Samaritan Thrift

  • Located at 33 Haddon Ave, Westmont. Help with organizing, sorting, and tagging donations, interacting with customers, and maintaining store cleanliness.
  • The store is open Tuesday-Friday, 11am-3pm and Saturday, 11am-5pm. Shifts are flexible based on availability and need.
  • Signing up for shifts is a commitment and cancellations are not acceptable unless you are sick or have an emergency.
  • The store manager is part-time, so teens work alongside our adult volunteers. Minimum 10 shifts required.


  • Samaritan Center at Voorhees –This is an inpatient facility caring for patients who need extra support. Volunteers represent Samaritan at the front desk, greet visitors, escort as needed, and answer/ direct phone calls.
  • Commitment of one school year, training, and medical clearance required.
  • Shifts are available every day of the week from 8-11a, 11-2p, and 2-5p. Students volunteer when it fits their schedules. Signing up for shifts is a commitment and cancellations are not acceptable unless it is an emergency.

Activity Calendar

Check out our activity calendar. You must join SamariTeens to participate. 2023/2024 Activity Calendar 


Contact Us & Get Started

Lisa DiCerto
Volunteer Coordinator
(856) 761-7502

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