Grief Support in South NJ

Grief is a natural, healthy, and universal emotion that helps us accept loss and begin to heal.south jersey grief support

Grief is also complicated and an intensely personal experience that each of us feels, and deals with, in our own way.

Feelings like loneliness, anger, guilt, confusion, and fear can all be present at once.

You don't have to grieve alone.

Samaritan's South Jersey grief support offers understanding and trained professionals to guide you through this process. Grief support services are available for any member of the community who has experienced a loss. They're also available for the family members of Samaritan hospice patients as part of their hospice bereavement benefit.

Samaritan offers individual, couple, and family counseling plus an assortment of support groups.

Find Grief Support in South New Jersey Now

south jersey grief supportSupport groups bring people together who are facing similiar issues, like the loss of a loved one. Group members often share experiences, ideas, and advice. They provide emotional support for one another, plus it can be helpful to talk with other people who are in the same situation as you.

Samaritan offers a variety of groups depending on the type of loss you've experienced. You can sign up for Daughters without Mothers if you're an adult daughter grieving the loss of your mom, Early Endings if you're a younger adult grieving the loss of your spouse or partner, or Bereaved Parents if you're grieving the loss of your child. Plus others!

Led by an expert facilitator, these support groups can help you cope better and feel less isolated. The number one benefit of joining a group is realizing you aren't alone. There's a relief and understaing when you know others have similiar feelings and experiences as your own.

Additional benefits of participating in a support group include feeling less judged, gaining a sense of control, improving your coping skills, expanding your social skills, reducing stress and anxiety, and getting practical advice or information about treatment options.

We've found that meeting positive role models who show you that healing is possible will bring you renewed hope for the future.

Don't forget, just as you benefit from the group experience, another member might benefit from hearing your story. Helping others might help you.

Click here to see a list of Samaritan's current support groups.

Community Support

Though required by Medicare and Medicaid, the services of Samaritan's Center for Grief Support are made possible through generous donations from the South Jersey community and beyond. If you'd like to support our Southern NJ grief support services: Donate Now >>


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