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Family Says Thanks

Family of Michael Long Says Thanks

Michael Long

This letter was sent to the Courier Post by the family of Michael Long in appreciation for all Samaritan had done for Michael. 

On November 18, 2019, Michael (Mick) Long, of Gloucester City, NJ, lost his battle with cancer. He had just turned 72.

Late at night on November 16, Mick was moved from Virtua Hospital to Samaritan Hospice, located on the campus near the hospital.

The facility is beautiful-spotlessly clean, comfortable, and inviting. But even more inviting are the staff members.

“[Samaritan nurses] they truly are angels on earth”

The nurses that work at Samaritan are angels. Every need of the patients-and their families-is of the utmost importance. From pain control to room temperature, to the quality of the bed linens, anything that could possibly make the patient more comfortable is a priority.


If our family had known how loving and kind the staff at Samaritan Hospice were, we would have made the decision to transfer Mick from the hospital, much sooner.

“The nurses celebrate every life at Samaritan.”


The nurses celebrate every life at Samaritan and every individual that reaches the end of life goes peacefully and with dignity. They speak softly and every touch is respectful and gentle.
If you have a loved one nearing the end of his or her life, please consider the services at Samaritan Hospice. The end of life does not have to contain bright lights, pain, sleep interruptions, or questions.

Instead, your loved one will be offered peace, gentleness, and a pain-free end of life.

They truly are angels on earth.