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Tree of Life Tributes

Tree of Life

Tributes (in honor of)

Dedications from 1/1/18 to 12/31/2018

Names are listed alphabetically by donor last name.
If you have any questions about your listing, please contact Judy Matthews or Christine Sweetman at (856) 552-3242.

Dan & Joanne Boyle in honor of Elsie Boyle
Madeline Connolly in honor of Marion Connolly
Roy Fazio in honor of Leo Thomas Fazio
Susan Hohenleitner in honor of Margaret Schwab & Family
Cindy Morelli in honor of All Living Cancer Patients

in honor of Eradicating All Cancers


Christopher & Philip Oliver in honor of Judi Oliver
Jacqueline Whitfield in honor of Sandra B. D’Agostino