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A Father’s Love is Never Forgotten

Ashwin, Ravi, and Nandini on a family vacation in 2012.

Six years after his passing, Ravi Mahadevan’s legacy continues to be that of a kind man, with an irrepressible love for life. His humbleness of spirit lives on through his son Ashwin and his influence is seen through his wife, Board Vice Chair Nandini Natrajan, and her passion as a Samaritan volunteer.

“Whatever I Do, I Do for My Dad”

Ravi’s impact as a father is profound and continues to be a driving force in how Ashwin lives his life. “Ravi was a generous soul and always thought about others’ wellbeing and tried to make others’ lives better – that is his legacy. He was all about giving,” says Nandini. Inspired by his father, Ashwin has decided to pursue his education in the field of public policy and international affairs focusing on human rights. Ashwin’s powerful declaration that, “whatever I do, I do for my dad” is testament to the impact his father had just by being a loving father with a generous spirit.

Read “Through Ravi’s Eyes” featured in Samaritan’s newsletter in 2015.

Samaritan’s Life-Enhancing Care

During Ravi’s stay at The Samaritan Center at Mt. Holly, a peaceful, home-like inpatient hospice facility, the love from the community of friends and family was outpouring. “He lived those 17 days because of the care and love from the Samaritan nurses,” Nandini says in reflection, “and it allowed him to say his goodbyes.” Samaritan is committed to caring for individuals and treating everyone with the respect and dignity through the end of life. Ravi’s care reflected this dedication and through his stay his expert care team not only treated him, but listened to him and his family respecting and honoring their wishes. Nandini and Ashwin remain grateful for the precious time they gained and the closure it provided.

Nandini and Ashwin have Ravi in their hearts always, and celebrate his memory in various ways. They remember him by enjoying his favorite things such as sweets, especially mint chocolate chip ice-cream. Nandini also remembers the care given to Ravi by the wonderful care team at The Samaritan Center at Mt. Holly by giving back to Samaritan as a donor and through volunteering.

Volunteering for Samaritan Hospice

Volunteering for Samaritan was something that Ravi predicted Nandini would do. He whispered to her shortly before his passing that she would be a part of Samaritan, not only because of the amazing love and care he received from the hospice, but because she would carry on his legacy of giving back. His words became reality, and today, Nandini serves as the vice- chair of Samaritan’s Board of Trustees. She is passionate about educating the community about the many benefits of palliative medicine in relieving pain and symptoms and hospice care in helping people live their final months in comfort and with dignity. Nandini says, “The work I do with Samaritan is truly important” for many reasons, including that it can help bring end-of-life care education to her Indian-American community.

(Photo) Ashwin and Nandini at Ashwin’s high school graduation in 2018.

A Legacy Honored

Ravi’s legacy as a husband, a father, and a man with a generous spirit, serves as reminder to his family and to us all about the importance of being a positive force in our community. The ripple effect of his kindness flows through his immediate family and out into the world as powerful, continued acts of kindness.