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grandmother in hospice and granddaughter embracing one another

Blog: Stories and Insights

Social Workers Talking with Clients

What does a hospice social worker do?

Read about the key role the social worker plays on the hospice team and how they tailor their work to meet individual needs of patients and their families.

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Suzanne Egan Hill with Quilt

Healing from Loss Through Quilting & Grief Support

Read Suzanne’s story about healing after the loss of her mom, brother, dog, and husband with the help of Samaritan’s Center for Grief Support specialists.

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Salema Moore, Abigail Ayitiah and Susan McCann

Presenting Certified Home Health Aide Award for Service Excellence

Samaritan honored Salema Moore, a certified home health aide, for her service excellence caring for patients and families.

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Senior adult man and home healthcare nurse

How Long Can You Stay in Hospice?

How long can you live on hospice care? While the situation ultimately depends on the patient’s diagnosis and everyone is different, it’s common to wonder how long a person can live on hospice care.

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Josh Crasner Headshot with Stock Photo of Patient and Nurse

Heart Failure Question & Answer

Joshua M. Crasner, DO, is a board-certified cardiologist with Virtua Health and a member of the Samaritan board of trustees. See what he has to say about heart failure and Samaritan’s Advanced Cardiac Program.

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Beth Hoffman, Susan Cedrone, Meena Edwards headshots

Recognizing 30 Year & 20 Year Service Milestones

Samaritan proudly recognizes 20-year and 30-year employee milestones.

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Marie Hanlon Collage of Family Photos

Former Executive Assistant Receives Hospice Care

Marie Hanlon experiences quality of life with hospice care services years after working for the not-for-profit healthcare provider.

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Eric and Frances Herr with Mom Collage

Samaritan’s Compassionate Care Inspires Gala ‘Sparkling Wine’ Sponsorship

Samaritan’s care of Frances Staniszewski during Christmas at The Samaritan Center at Voorhees inspires her daughter and son-in-law to give back with an aptly named Gala sponsorship.

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Jim and Ava Borie

Hospice Provides Veteran Good Days at Home

Read how Samaritan helped Veteran Jim Borie access his VA benefits and live his last days at home in comfort.

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Essential New Year’s Resolution for 2022

Dr. Stephen Goldfine recommends discussing your healthcare wishes with your family as your 2022 resolution.

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