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daughter embracing her mom and smiling
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Samaritan’s Compassionate Care Inspires Gala ‘Sparkling Wine’ Sponsorship

Frances Staniszewski loved her family, baking, traveling, and pinochle. At 90, she resided in an assisted living in Moorestown and enjoyed a very active life including outings with her daughter and son-in law, Frances and Eric Herr. The three spent many nights going to see shows and having dinner together, especially after Frances’ husband passed away in 2011.

Fran says, “Even when walking was a chore, we bought her a light-weight wheel chair, put it in the trunk, and away we went!  It was an act of love to take her out. We also made sure to enjoy an occasional night cap – a glass of wine or champagne. According to my mom, if you had a glass of champagne at the start of any dinner it automatically became a celebration. Champagne made everything special. So that’s what we did!” continued below

Eric and Fran Herr with Frances Staniszewski (Center)

But when Frances’s health suddenly took a turn at Christmas 2017, her family was worried. They wanted to ensure she received the best care possible. Therefore, when the hospital social worker recommended calling hospice, Fran and Eric knew Samaritan was the right choice for their beloved mom. As a freelance writer, Eric had been introduced to Samaritan a few years prior when he made a professional connection with Samaritan’s director of communications. It was clear Samaritan provided the level of care and expertise they wanted to bestow on Frances.

Eric and Fran Herr at Samaritan's Gala in 2016
Eric and Fran Herr at Samaritan’s Gala in 2016

“We can’t say enough good things about Samaritan,” says Fran. “We were at The Samaritan Center at Voorhees morning, noon, and night during that Christmas. For seven days, the staff put us at ease, answered all of our questions, and – most importantly – treated my mom with dignity and respect. They really made her comfortable and we will never forget it. On top of that, all our family had the opportunity to visit and gather around Mom in those final days.”  Fran adds, “My uncle said it perfectly: The Center was beautiful and it was like Mom was on a ‘cruise to heaven.’”

Thanks to Samaritan’s top-notch care and quality inpatient care, Fran and Eric sponsor Samaritan’s Celebration of Life Gala through a Gala Sparkling Wine Sponsor in honor of their mom. This generous community support helps Samaritan sustain its mission of service to provide life-enhancing care to all those who need it in the South Jersey community.