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South Jersey Palliative Care Provides Safe Haven for Cancer Patient

Jane Trevelino, 71, isn’t into social media. She doesn’t tweet, post to Instagram, or snap chat.

However, she did create a Facebook account.

The account is only for important things like seeing countless pictures of her grandchildren.  Even then, she only logs in every few months. But Jane also logs in to do something else very important to her. She logs in to contact Samaritan.

Pictured (left): Jane’s grandchildren Frankie and Julianne, daughter Dawn Trevelino-LeSage, Jane, son Joe Trevelino, son-in-law Michael LeSage

It was mid-March 2016 when Jane turned to this rarely-utilized outlet. She was compelled to convey her heartfelt sentiment about Samaritan’s palliative care nurse practitioner, so with a few clicks and keystrokes her message began:

I am a new patient of Samaritan Palliative Healthcare.  Mackenzie Juckett, my NP visits me monthly . . .   She makes me feel safe while going through my cancer treatments. 

Jane, diagnosed with lung cancer in the fall of 2015, underwent surgery to have part of her lung removed. After the surgery she felt like she struggled with healing properly. She was overwhelmingly tired and soon learned, after a physician house call, that her blood count was extremely low. During a two-week stay at Virtua to run tests and accelerate recovery, the doctors discovered colon cancer and recommended another round of chemotherapy.

The hospital also suggested she contact Samaritan’s Palliative Medical Partners, Virtua’s preferred provider for palliative care. The program provides expert relief from the pain and symptoms of serious illness, and its associated treatments. It’s appropriate at any age, at any stage of illness, and it coordinates with curative plans of care.

Jane quickly discovered Samaritan’s palliative care program provided her a safe haven. Mackenzie Juckett, MS, APN, FNP-BC, is “so kind, caring, and professional.” Jane added, “I could count on Mackenzie. She is so genuine, and Kelly Johnson, [practice coordinator], is so pleasant to speak to.  I have needed so many medical items that she was able to obtain so quickly for me.”

Samaritan’s Palliative Medical Partners program has provided Jane with comfort, support, and dignity. Visits with our nurse practitioner have eased her severe pain and symptoms and decreased her visits to the emergency room.

Utilizing palliative care has also helped her embrace each moment with her family as her grandchildren grow. Jane adds, “God bless these two people that have come into my life when I need them the most.”

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