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How Spiritual Support Counselors Help Hospice Patients

Spiritual support counselors are an integral part of the team of medical professionals who provide comfort, support, and dignity to patients and their families dealing with serious illness at the end of life.


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Support from a spiritual and emotional perspective is a key part of the hospice care philosophy, which is intended to encompass care for the whole person. A Samaritan hospice chaplain can help:

  • Encourage meaningful life review
  • Explore spiritual concerns
  • Provide a safe space for doubt
  • Make sense out of life’s changes
  • Address anger and fears
  • Reconcile feelings of guilt, sorrow, remorse, and regret
  • Recover a sense of worth and dignity
  • Discover sources of hope
  • Reconnect you to people you value
  • Discuss the afterlife
  • Strengthen life and hope with prayer and meditation
  • Mediate religious differences within a family
  • Plan and lead funeral or memorial services
  • Establish or maintain contact with a faith community or clergy member
  • Consult on ethical dilemmas
  • Support in crisis situation or time of death

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