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Uninterrupted Services Despite Pandemic

From the start of the COVID-19 crisis, Samaritan continued to provide around-the-clock, uninterrupted services to its patients and their families.

“The changes needed to keep patients safe from the virus have enabled us to improve how we care for the people of Southern and Central Jersey,” says Dr. Stephen Goldfine, Samaritan chief medical officer.

“Through telemedicine and updated in-person visit procedures, Samaritan’s care team has continued to connect patients with the care and services they need while taking every precaution for everyone’s safety and protection.”

Its COVID Task Force, led by Dr. Goldfine and COO Marjorie Ivins, assured the best possible care for all Samaritan patients and seized the opportunity to innovate through the rollout of telehealth services.

“Traditionally, we’re a very hands-on, high-touch organization,” says Dr. Goldfine. “Our response to COVID-19 has included a focus on creating that same experience with telehealth visits. While the delivery method has changed, the quality of services we provide has increased,” Dr. Goldfine adds.

“Now, I can reach patients easily and directly without the challenge of them coming into the office.”

The team also led the transition of the Samaritan Center at Mount Holly to care for COVID patients, and virtually extended the healing power of music therapy, meditation and other web-based resources to provide relief from stress and anxiety to patients, their loved ones, our staff, and the community.

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