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(WEBINAR) FREE WEBINAR FOR FAMILY CAREGIVERS Impact of COVID-19 on Medical Decision Making: POLST & Other Important Considerations for High-Risk People

March 30 – April 24, 2020
Daily, Monday – Friday
1:00 PM EST
(15 min. presentation / 15 min. Q&A)


Registration is required. Registered participants will receive a confirmation email with instructions about joining the webinar.

Are you the medical decision maker for a loved one in a nursing home? Do they have a POLST form or advance care plan? Is it up to date? Join us for a daily webinar to learn about the importance of POLST forms for at risk patients and to get answers to all of your questions. A POLST form can be downloaded here for you to have on hand during the webinar.


  • David Barile, MD, Palliative and Geriatric Physician, Founder & Chief Medical Officer, Goals of Care Coalition of New Jersey
  • Stephen Goldfine, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Samaritan Healthcare & Hospice