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On Monday, June 26, 2017 Samaritan will host its annual golf tournament “Drive Fore a Good Cause” at Little Mill Country Club in Marlton, NJ. The tournament, sponsored by The Richardson Family Dealerships, attracts avid golfers to raise funds and awareness for comfort, support, and quality of life for anyone living with serious illness. 

This fun charitable event wouldn’t be possible without the driving support of our 30-member golf tournament committee. Samaritan greatly appreciates each member’s dedication to enlisting the support of sponsors, gathering auction items, and inviting players to join us in advancing Samaritan’s charitable mission. 

In the first of an ongoing series, take a moment to meet one of these hard-working committee members. 

Meet Committee Member Zach Fazio

Zach and Roy FazioZach Fazio follows in the footsteps of his Samaritan-legend father, Roy.  Roy Fazio has been supporting the not-for-profit organization for more than 35 years as a donor, advocate, board member, and golf committee co-chair.  

Zach, a District Sales Manager for Thermo Fisher Scientific, always knew his dad harnessed an incredible passion for Samaritan’s mission, and finally partnered in advocacy by joining the golf committee two years ago. 

Now 37, Zach started playing golf with his dad at the age 10. The father-son pair aims for birdies on many South Jersey golf courses, where they share jokes, friendly competition, golf frustrations, and devotion to Samaritan’s mission. 

We’re lucky to have this duo on our Samaritan team.  Enjoy our Q & A with Zach!

Why did you start playing golf?

I started playing golf because my father Roy would always come home after a day on the greens and talk about how good of a golfer he was … I had to see it with my own eyes!

How long have you been playing?

Unfortunately, for the trees and worms, since I was 10.

How often do you golf?

I golf 6 to 10 times a year. Enough to want to quit!

What’s your favorite course to play?

Trees and I do not get along! So I would definitely NOT say Little Mill Country Club where Samaritan’s annual tournament is held.  But I do love the layout of the course!  If only they would cut all the trees down!

Sponsorships opportunities and golfer spots now available!

Why do you volunteer for Samaritan?

I volunteer for Samarian to support the incredible programs and care they give to so many patients and their families going through tough times.  I have met more people who have been touched by Samaritan that did not know how they would have handled their family circumstance without Samaritan's services.

What’s your most memorable golf moment?

My most memorable golf moment is when my father threw his 7 iron up in a tree at Medford Lakes Country Club.  Classic!

What life lessons have you learned from playing golf?

I’ve learned a few life lessons from playing golf.

  • Golf clubs can get stuck in trees. One of the most important lessons my father ever taught me.
  • No matter how much you curse it won't make the ball go in the cup.  Thanks again Dad.
  • There are no breakfast balls in life.  Only golf.
  • The only beach you want to be on is the one with lifeguards. 
  • “Swing hard in case you hit it" only works in baseball.
  • Leaf blowers are not only used by landscapers but also golfers.  Thanks for that lesson also Dad!

What’s your favorite part about golfing?

Watching other golfers act like they can actually read a green.

Any other additional thoughts about golf OR Samaritan you’d like to share?

Samaritan is an incredible organization to support and continue to contribute to their success! 

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