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Giving Back to Honor Aiden’s Legacy

The Snyder Family
The Snyder Family

Aiden Snyder will be remembered for many things; his love for the Disney film Moana, his joyful personality, his active imagination – and most of all – the joy he brought to his family who loved him dearly.

In 2019, when Aiden was just two years old, he was unexpectedly diagnosed with brain cancer. His parents Daniel and Natali Snyder rallied around him, and with treatment, his cancer went into remission. However, by February 2020, the cancer returned and this time did not respond to treatment.

“I found it difficult to accept that Aiden was dying,” said Daniel. The Snyder’s researched intensely, seeking out the best care, and doing everything to give Aiden a fighting chance. As Aiden’s health declined, his parents realized that they needed professional, supportive care for their son. That is when they called Samaritan.

“Samaritan saved us,” said Daniel. With the help of Samaritan’s care team, Aiden’s parents were able to focus on quality time with their son. The nurses not only helped Aiden by advocating for his care, but also helped his two younger siblings understand Aiden’s condition.

The Samaritan care team took the time to sit bedside with Aiden and his parents as they navigated his health. “Michelle and Barbara are two of the most compassionate and skilled nurses we have ever met,” praised Daniel. “They went above and beyond to make sure they could always be there to support us and Aiden.”

Aiden at the hospital
Aiden at the hospital.

The Snyder’s remember how the nurses went above and beyond to provide the support they needed. “The nurses even babysat each other’s children to make sure that they could be present for my family,” said Daniel. “Their compassion and commitment to the care of Aiden meant everything to us.”

Today, Aiden remains in their hearts and minds. Photos of Aiden and his favorite Moana painting continue to decorate the walls of their home.

Moved by the expertise and compassion of the Samaritan care team, Aiden’s parents donated to Samaritan in his memory. “We truly appreciate everything Samaritan does, and we feel honored to support such an important organization.”