Five Ways to Show Love this Valentine's Day

Five ways to show loveLove is a four-lettered word that’s “Googled” billions of times each year as people around the globe search for what it means to them and how best to express it to those they care about. 

The advertising blitz surrounding Valentine's Day would have us believe that the only ways to show our love involve flowers, jewelry, and/or chocolate. But South Jersey's largest hospice offers five loving ways to care for your family and enrich your community that are sure to warm even Cupid’s heart.     

  • Talk it out. Demonstrate your love by discussing your end-of-life healthcare wishes with your loved ones before there’s a family crisis. It always seems too early until it’s too late to broach these sensitive issues. But talking about your healthcare wishes with your family now at the kitchen table is easier than doing it later in the Intensive Care Unit. These important discussions are a better-than-chocolate gift that provide peace of mind for all family members for years to come. Get tips and tools here>

Contact Christine Corti (email) at (856) 552-3258 to schedule a free workshop
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  • Volunteer for your favorite South Jersey not-for-profit organization. Put your love into action by donating your time to a cause you’re passionate about. It’s been proven time and again that volunteering provides significant health and quality-of-life benefits including increased happiness and confidence, developing new skills, and meeting interesting people. Volunteer now >>

  • Donate to a cause that touches your heart in honor of your loved one(s). Charity is another name for love.  Studies have shown that giving money to others, or to causes you cherish, will put a bigger smile on your face than spending it on yourself.  Give today >>

  • Access palliative (comfort) care. Love yourself and family members by finding relief from the pain and symptoms of serious illness. Palliative care can help you and your family members with serious illness live each day to the fullest. With fewer hospitalizations, you can spend more time with your family doing the activities you enjoy. Find relief >>·    

  •  Call Samaritan sooner. Love means calling for the right care at the right time when you or a loved one has a terminal illness. Hospice care includes a team of experts who makes sure comfort, support, and dignity at the end of life are a priority for those you care for and about.  Learn more >>

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