What is hospice care?

Hospice is a philosophy of care that focuses on a patient and their family, rather than the disease. The primary goal of hospice care is to provide comfort, support, and dignity. It's about caring, not curing. It's is a team approach to medical services, emotional support, and spiritual guidance for a loved one who is living with a serious illness and nearing the end of life.

Learn about the goal and the benefits of hospice treatment

Hospice care is a special, comforting kind of care that embraces a person living with advanced illness. The benefits of hospice care are:

Hospice Care

  • Promotes physical, emotional, and spiritual quality of life – as you define it
  • Enables you and your family to spend time focusing on what matters most to you
  • Provides regular visits from our team of hospice specialists
  • Offers peace of mind with 24/7 access to our on-call team
  • Provides care provided where you live or at our inpatient hospice center in Mounty Holly or coming soon in Voorhees
  • Benefits include related medications and medical supplies
  • Supports family members during and after a loved one’s illness

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ELIGIBILITY for hospice treatment

Samaritan has many ways to help. We encourage you to speak directly with our nurses about how we can help with your loved one's needs. Call us 24/7 at (800) 229-8183.


Hospice care treatment is a benefit of Medicare, Medicaid, and the Veterans Administration. Most commercial insurance plans also cover hospice with applicable co-pays and deductibles. Samaritan staff will assist patients and families in understanding and securing eligible coverage and care options. Please call us with questions about your loved one's hospice care coverage.


Hospice care includes a team of experts to care for you and your loved ones. The goal of hospice care team members is to make the patient as comfortable as possible. Click here to learn more about the many members of the hospice team.


Are you giving up hope on your loved one? Does hospice hasten death? Is hospice only for cancer patients? Get the answers to these questions and more by clicking here.

Have more questions about the benefits of hospice? Or want to learn about the treatments and goals of Samaritan’s hospice services? Call us at (800) 229-8183


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